Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Top 8 Accessories You Might Purchase Along with a Hydraulic Hammer

A hydraulic hammer is a huge purchase. Companies that make an investment in hydraulic hammers are doing so because they need this important piece of equipment to get their work done. The hammer itself does a bulk of that work. However, many people who purchase a hydraulic hammer will also purchase one or more accessories to go along with their hydraulic hammer.

Here’s a look at the Top 8 accessories that are commonly purchased by people who purchase Maverick Hammers:

1. Hammer Stand. Hydraulic hammers have to be stored when they aren’t in use. Many people choose to purchase a hammer stand for their hydraulic hammer. This stand allows them to store their hammer upright in order to protect it from damage. This is definitely a smart accessory to buy since it makes your Maverick Hammer last longer!

2. Auto Greaser. An auto greaser is a tool that does exactly what its name says it does; it automatically greases up your equipment for you. People who buy Maverick Hammers sometimes choose to get an auto greaser to keep their hammers lubed up and in top working condition. Of course, you can grease your hydraulic hammers manually but why do that when you can get a tool that will do it for you?

3. Auto Greaser Bracket. People who get an auto greaser typically also buy an auto greaser bracket to go along with it.

4. Nitrogen Tank. Some of the power for your hydraulic hammer comes from the energy of high-impact pressurized nitrogen. Some people opt to buy a nitrogen tank to use with their hydraulic hammers.

5. Charging Kit. The charging kit is used in some cases in conjunction with the nitrogen tank.

6. Hydraulic Hoses. Maverick Hammers are durable but sometimes the wear and tear on the machines can cause leaks in the hydraulic hoses. We offer service and repair options but some people like to do the work themselves. In this case, they’ll buy the hydraulic hoses that they need for replacement.

7. Tool Kit. People who do work on their hydraulic hammers themselves often need to buy a new tool kit with the right tools that they need for working on Maverick Hammers.

8. Touch Up Paint. Believe it or not, one of the most common accessories that people buy when they buy Maverick Hammers is a little bit of touch-up paint.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Being Green in the Hydraulic Hammer Business

One of the most important things that a business can be right now is environmentally-conscious. Any business should do what it can to limit the negative impact that it has on the earth. This is easier in some businesses than in others. Being green in the hydraulic hammer business (and the demolition business in general) isn’t as easy as being green in other types of businesses. After all, demolition is all about the disruption of the earth and the structures on it. Nevertheless, a forward-thinking demolition company will find ways to make sure that they are as green as possible. Maverick Hammers is an example of this type of forward-thinking company.

Here’s a brief overview of the ways in which Maverick Hammers strives to be a green business:

We offer the most modern equipment available. Today’s hydraulic hammers are considerably more eco-friendly than the hammers of the past. They produce less pollution than older hammers. They also create less noise pollution. By manufacturing the most modern equipment available, we make sure that we reduce the negative impact of that equipment as much as possible.

We use durable materials. One of the biggest contributors to waste in this industry is the amount of equipment that has to be replaced too quickly because it wasn’t built well in the first place. We use durable materials and quality construction to make sure that Maverick Hammers are hammers that last. We also offer repairs and service for our products. This means that you don’t throw out our hammers after a short time and get new ones and that in turn means that total waste is reduced.

We’re a U.S. based manufacturing company. Another way that the earth is damaged by the construction and demolition industry is through globe-wide shipping practices. Many companies have their parts and products manufactured in foreign countries which means that there is a lot of transportation waste between nations. By staying within the U.S. we are able to reduce the amount of shipping that takes place and thereby reduce the company’s use of gas and other transportation energy as compared to what we would use if we relied on foreign manufacturing.

We stay educated about the issues. Green issues are important and new information about these issues are arising all of the time. By making sure that we stay educated about these issues, we can do our best to regularly change our behavior to consistently get greener as a company. Our commitment to being flexible as needed helps us achieve this.

There are a variety of different green issues in the demolition industry. (A common one is the issue of how to recycle and dispose of waste that occurs during a demolition project.) Maverick Hammers is a company that does what it can to contribute solutions in terms of our part of the demolition process.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Watch Things Get Destroyed: 10 Awesome Demolition Videos

Demolition projects are interesting. They're all about tearing things down in order to create space to make something new. But, let's face it, the real reason that most people are interested in demolition is because they like to see things get destroyed! That's why we love seeing our hammers in action!

Have fun watching these ten awesome videos that show destruction and demolition. First we've got five that show off our own hammers at work. Then we've got five that that show big demolition jobs.

Our hammers in action:

And here are the five videos that show huge demolition jobs - including some demolition gone wrong!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Facts and Stats About Buying Hydraulic Hammers

Are you in the market to purchase a hydraulic hammer for a demolition project? You might be interested in learning some of the facts and statistics behind these purchases. Check out this interesting information that you might not already know about hydraulic hammer purchases:

Brand doesn’t matter. Do you always buy the same brand of hydraulic hammer? If so then you’re in the majority but just barely. Forty four percent of hammer purchases are purchased from a dealer who is not the customer’s predominant brand dealer. What this means is that you should shop around for the best deal on a good hydraulic hammer rather than simply choosing by brand name. Maverick Hammers consistently offers some of the lowest prices on these hammers which you should notice when you start to shop around.

Customer service and tech support do matter. You don’t want to pay too much attention to a brand to figure out which hydraulic hammer to buy. However, you do want to pay attention to the reputation that a company has for good customer service and tech support. Overwhelmingly customers report that those things do matter!

You’ll probably also buy a machine. Of course, you can buy hydraulic hammers alone but there’s a good chance that you’re going to buy a machine with your purchase. Research indicates that sixty eight percent of all hammer sales include a machine and seventy seven percent of customers who buy a hammer will buy a machine within two years. This is something to take into consideration when you’re doing your hammer shopping.

Hydraulic hammers haven’t been around that long. Did you know that we didn’t really start to use this important type of machinery until the 1960’s?!

New hydraulic hammers are a green choice. That’s right, if you’re using modern hydraulic hammers then you’re being more environmentally-conscious than if you use some of the older machines that are still available. That’s because they generate less pollution as well as less noise than the older models.

You may not realize it but the choices that you make when you purchase hydraulic hammers affect the entire history of this industry. What you buy impacts the facts and statistics related to demolition equipment. Choose wisely!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Major Benefits of Maverick Hammers

Someone recently asked us what makes Maverick Hammers better than the competition. This blog has already mentioned a few reasons that people prefer our hydraulic hammers to the competition. Here’s a more comprehensive look at the benefits of choosing Maverick Hammers:

They’re simply designed. There are only two moving parts in our smaller models and three moving parts in our larger models. This means that the machines are easy to use and less likely to break down over time. They’re also simple to assemble, disassemble and repair as needed.

Our tools are normalized for long-lasting extra strength durability. There are many different aspects of our tools that add to this durability. For example, our super alloy steel cylinder is dispersion-hardened for enhanced durability and our (sy) carbon alloy backhead is built to withstand extreme force over time.

We offer great additional features. For example, our models HSP4750 and larger all have anti-dust features, an auto-greasing system and an infinitely adjustable frequency.

We offer a three-year warranty. Learn more about the importance of a warranty here.

Our parts are always available. Sometimes when you order from places, you have to wait awhile before you get your parts. We have twenty-four hour parts availability. If you place your order by 3 p.m. EST then you’re going to receive it the next morning. This means that there’s never a delay in getting what you need from us.

We are a U.S. manufacturer. Many people underestimate the importance of being a U.S.-based company. It’s beneficial to everyone to buy locally-manufactured products. Learn more about that issue here.

You get all of this at a fair price. In fact, we offer the highest rental ROI and our hammers cost up to forty percent less than most other major brands. You get what you need at a price that’s actually really good.

We think that these are all great reasons to choose Maverick Hammers over the competition. However, we’re always open to hearing your thoughts. What else would you like to see from our hammers?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Importance of Offering a Warranty

All customers are familiar with the idea of a warranty. A warranty allows the customer to make a purchase that he may otherwise be unsure of because it lets him try out the product with very few risks. Businesses may offer warranties to convince sure unsure customers that it’s worth it to try out their products. However, a warranty is more than just a way of enticing potential buyers to become your customers. A warranty is also a promise that the business makes to its customers. A warranty is something that a good business offers in order to establish trust.

The purpose of a warranty is to let the customer know exactly what to expect from the product that he or she is buying. It is a promise to the customer that he’ll get what it is that he wants from the product. It’s a guarantee that if he doesn’t get what he wants then he’s going to be able to get his money back or to get the product repaired in a way that will make the product more to his satisfaction. When businesses offer warranties, they are telling the customer, “I promise to be honest in my dealings with you” and they detail how they’re going to do that.

Maverick Hammers believes in the value of the warranty. We believe that we offer great products that customers are going to be happy to have. We believe in this so much that we promise our customers that they’ll get what they were told they’ll get or they’ll have a warranty in place to protect them. Offering a product warranty is one of the ways that we try to build trust with our customers. Honoring our warranties helps us to maintain that trust.

One example of a transaction with a customer that occurred recently was the purchase of 8 Maverick Hammers by Arturo Barranco Maquinaria of Mexico for the company's rental fleet. This company purchased a variety of our hammers ranging from 1,000 ft lbs to 6,000 ft lbs. They chose Maverick Hammer models 1500HSP, 4750HSP, 5250HSP and 8250HSP to expand the fleet. Their purchase comes along with a three year warranty. This is our promise to the company that they’ll get what they ordered and that they’ll be able to use it as intended for at least three years. It is our promise that we will do our best to make sure that our customers are happy. That’s what a warranty is really all about.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Brief Introduction to Marine Contracting

One of the best parts about the job that we do is that we get to interact with so many interesting customers. Our hydraulic hammers are used in a number of different industries. Getting to know our customers allows us to get to know these different industries. We make this effort so that we can better serve our customers, of course, but we also love the fact that it provides us with an educational insight into the amazing work that’s being done by other people.

One great example of this is our work with Phoenix Marine. This business is one of the Tri-State area’s premier marine contractors. We were able to get the opportunity to work with them because they needed a hydraulic hammer for their CAT 345BL. They didn’t just need any old hammer though. They needed a hammer that would be able to operate properly underwater because they were challenged with the task of completing an intensive underwater demolition project in Bronx, New York. They chose Maverick Hammers because our optional underwater kit made us the best choice for meeting the demands of this massive project.

We know about the importance of the optional underwater kit because of our other work with marine contractors. This work has given us the chance to learn a lot about this really interesting industry. If you think that big construction and demolition jobs are impressive, think about the fact that some people are undertaking the job of doing this type of work underwater! Marine contractors do much of the same work that other builders and demolition experts do but they have the added burden of doing the work in the water.

Marine contractors work in conjunction with a number of other industries. They most often work with the offshore oil business. However, they also work with renewable energy researchers, transoceanic communications specialists and with any business that is tasked with building an underwater structure or pipeline. To do this type of work requires a lot of special equipment. This is equipment that can handle the major tasks of construction and demolition that is taking place below the surface of the water. This means that the machinery has to be able to last underwater as well as to be adapted to the unique dynamics of water pressure that are faced when operating equipment in this environment.

In the case of Phoenix Marine, the work that was being done was demolition work. They required a hydraulic hammer that could withstand water pressure while doing its job properly. When you’re working in a dense urban area like New York, it’s particularly crucial to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Our experience in working with marine contractors allowed us to provide the right tools for this big job. And our experience working with this company gave us even more insight into the very fascinating world of marine contracting.