Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Major Benefits of Maverick Hammers

Someone recently asked us what makes Maverick Hammers better than the competition. This blog has already mentioned a few reasons that people prefer our hydraulic hammers to the competition. Here’s a more comprehensive look at the benefits of choosing Maverick Hammers:

They’re simply designed. There are only two moving parts in our smaller models and three moving parts in our larger models. This means that the machines are easy to use and less likely to break down over time. They’re also simple to assemble, disassemble and repair as needed.

Our tools are normalized for long-lasting extra strength durability. There are many different aspects of our tools that add to this durability. For example, our super alloy steel cylinder is dispersion-hardened for enhanced durability and our (sy) carbon alloy backhead is built to withstand extreme force over time.

We offer great additional features. For example, our models HSP4750 and larger all have anti-dust features, an auto-greasing system and an infinitely adjustable frequency.

We offer a three-year warranty. Learn more about the importance of a warranty here.

Our parts are always available. Sometimes when you order from places, you have to wait awhile before you get your parts. We have twenty-four hour parts availability. If you place your order by 3 p.m. EST then you’re going to receive it the next morning. This means that there’s never a delay in getting what you need from us.

We are a U.S. manufacturer. Many people underestimate the importance of being a U.S.-based company. It’s beneficial to everyone to buy locally-manufactured products. Learn more about that issue here.

You get all of this at a fair price. In fact, we offer the highest rental ROI and our hammers cost up to forty percent less than most other major brands. You get what you need at a price that’s actually really good.

We think that these are all great reasons to choose Maverick Hammers over the competition. However, we’re always open to hearing your thoughts. What else would you like to see from our hammers?

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