Monday, July 27, 2009

Facts and Stats About Buying Hydraulic Hammers

Are you in the market to purchase a hydraulic hammer for a demolition project? You might be interested in learning some of the facts and statistics behind these purchases. Check out this interesting information that you might not already know about hydraulic hammer purchases:

Brand doesn’t matter. Do you always buy the same brand of hydraulic hammer? If so then you’re in the majority but just barely. Forty four percent of hammer purchases are purchased from a dealer who is not the customer’s predominant brand dealer. What this means is that you should shop around for the best deal on a good hydraulic hammer rather than simply choosing by brand name. Maverick Hammers consistently offers some of the lowest prices on these hammers which you should notice when you start to shop around.

Customer service and tech support do matter. You don’t want to pay too much attention to a brand to figure out which hydraulic hammer to buy. However, you do want to pay attention to the reputation that a company has for good customer service and tech support. Overwhelmingly customers report that those things do matter!

You’ll probably also buy a machine. Of course, you can buy hydraulic hammers alone but there’s a good chance that you’re going to buy a machine with your purchase. Research indicates that sixty eight percent of all hammer sales include a machine and seventy seven percent of customers who buy a hammer will buy a machine within two years. This is something to take into consideration when you’re doing your hammer shopping.

Hydraulic hammers haven’t been around that long. Did you know that we didn’t really start to use this important type of machinery until the 1960’s?!

New hydraulic hammers are a green choice. That’s right, if you’re using modern hydraulic hammers then you’re being more environmentally-conscious than if you use some of the older machines that are still available. That’s because they generate less pollution as well as less noise than the older models.

You may not realize it but the choices that you make when you purchase hydraulic hammers affect the entire history of this industry. What you buy impacts the facts and statistics related to demolition equipment. Choose wisely!


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