Monday, July 13, 2009

A Brief Introduction to Marine Contracting

One of the best parts about the job that we do is that we get to interact with so many interesting customers. Our hydraulic hammers are used in a number of different industries. Getting to know our customers allows us to get to know these different industries. We make this effort so that we can better serve our customers, of course, but we also love the fact that it provides us with an educational insight into the amazing work that’s being done by other people.

One great example of this is our work with Phoenix Marine. This business is one of the Tri-State area’s premier marine contractors. We were able to get the opportunity to work with them because they needed a hydraulic hammer for their CAT 345BL. They didn’t just need any old hammer though. They needed a hammer that would be able to operate properly underwater because they were challenged with the task of completing an intensive underwater demolition project in Bronx, New York. They chose Maverick Hammers because our optional underwater kit made us the best choice for meeting the demands of this massive project.

We know about the importance of the optional underwater kit because of our other work with marine contractors. This work has given us the chance to learn a lot about this really interesting industry. If you think that big construction and demolition jobs are impressive, think about the fact that some people are undertaking the job of doing this type of work underwater! Marine contractors do much of the same work that other builders and demolition experts do but they have the added burden of doing the work in the water.

Marine contractors work in conjunction with a number of other industries. They most often work with the offshore oil business. However, they also work with renewable energy researchers, transoceanic communications specialists and with any business that is tasked with building an underwater structure or pipeline. To do this type of work requires a lot of special equipment. This is equipment that can handle the major tasks of construction and demolition that is taking place below the surface of the water. This means that the machinery has to be able to last underwater as well as to be adapted to the unique dynamics of water pressure that are faced when operating equipment in this environment.

In the case of Phoenix Marine, the work that was being done was demolition work. They required a hydraulic hammer that could withstand water pressure while doing its job properly. When you’re working in a dense urban area like New York, it’s particularly crucial to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Our experience in working with marine contractors allowed us to provide the right tools for this big job. And our experience working with this company gave us even more insight into the very fascinating world of marine contracting.


  1. how do i apply? i love diving'=


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