Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Each Business is Part of a Bigger Picture

As a customer, you may often forget about the big chain of events that takes place before you purchase a product. As a business owner, you are never able to forget about that chain of events. That’s because if you forget about it, your customers are going to suffer. Then the customer will be left thinking about a chain of events that they really don’t want to be bothered with.

Imagine for a moment that you are a residential customer who is interested in redesigning the landscape of your yard using decorative stones and gravel. You want to be able to find a business that supplies what you need at a fair price. You want to be able to place your order and to receive your decorative rocks in a timely manner. You certainly don’t want to have to be bothered with thinking about how the rocks are going to get from the business to you or how they got to the place of business to begin with. As a customer, you shouldn’t have to worry about those things.

As a business owner, however, you would be concerned about making sure that every step in the chain happens properly so that you can deliver the stones to your customer as she desires. This means that you would want to work with delivery trucks and product suppliers that hold up their part of the supply chain by providing high-quality products and services. If they don’t do so then you’re in trouble with your customers. Let’s say that the company that makes the hydraulic hammers to mine the stones makes a faulty product so the stones aren’t mined in a timely manner and therefore you are delayed in getting them to your customer. Your customer isn’t going to care about the break in the chain; she’s only going to care about the fact that you didn’t get your part of the job done by delivering her stones to her.

This isn’t just an imaginary scenario. Our customers rely on us to make sure that we hold up our part of the supply chain so that their customers are also satisfied. One real-life example of such a customer is Baer Aggregates. This Phillipsburg, New Jersey company provides crushed stones and decorative gravel to customers who want these products. They purchased a Maverick Hammer model 9250 HSP for their CAT 345BL excavator. The high quality of this hydraulic hammer combined with the service that we have provided to Baer Aggregates have insured that this company has had no down time for six months. This translates to six months of satisfied customers.

One of the things that we always keep in mind is that we aren’t just a business that works in a vacuum. We work with other businesses and everyone has to do their part to keep things running smoothly. That’s why we do our best to provide quality products and service to our customers. And it’s why we in turn get our services from businesses that can hold up their part of the bargain. Without any weak links in it, our chain of supply is strong enough to keep all customers happy – even our customers’ customers.

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