Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Top 8 Accessories You Might Purchase Along with a Hydraulic Hammer

A hydraulic hammer is a huge purchase. Companies that make an investment in hydraulic hammers are doing so because they need this important piece of equipment to get their work done. The hammer itself does a bulk of that work. However, many people who purchase a hydraulic hammer will also purchase one or more accessories to go along with their hydraulic hammer.

Here’s a look at the Top 8 accessories that are commonly purchased by people who purchase Maverick Hammers:

1. Hammer Stand. Hydraulic hammers have to be stored when they aren’t in use. Many people choose to purchase a hammer stand for their hydraulic hammer. This stand allows them to store their hammer upright in order to protect it from damage. This is definitely a smart accessory to buy since it makes your Maverick Hammer last longer!

2. Auto Greaser. An auto greaser is a tool that does exactly what its name says it does; it automatically greases up your equipment for you. People who buy Maverick Hammers sometimes choose to get an auto greaser to keep their hammers lubed up and in top working condition. Of course, you can grease your hydraulic hammers manually but why do that when you can get a tool that will do it for you?

3. Auto Greaser Bracket. People who get an auto greaser typically also buy an auto greaser bracket to go along with it.

4. Nitrogen Tank. Some of the power for your hydraulic hammer comes from the energy of high-impact pressurized nitrogen. Some people opt to buy a nitrogen tank to use with their hydraulic hammers.

5. Charging Kit. The charging kit is used in some cases in conjunction with the nitrogen tank.

6. Hydraulic Hoses. Maverick Hammers are durable but sometimes the wear and tear on the machines can cause leaks in the hydraulic hoses. We offer service and repair options but some people like to do the work themselves. In this case, they’ll buy the hydraulic hoses that they need for replacement.

7. Tool Kit. People who do work on their hydraulic hammers themselves often need to buy a new tool kit with the right tools that they need for working on Maverick Hammers.

8. Touch Up Paint. Believe it or not, one of the most common accessories that people buy when they buy Maverick Hammers is a little bit of touch-up paint.


  1. is nitrogen indispensable? does the hammer works without it?

  2. Do they buy the touch up paint because the hammer messes up pain jobs? I can imagine with such a powerful hammer you would need something to repair the small paint scratches. I would like to see one in action, because it's probably awesome. http://www.fel-tech.com