Thursday, August 6, 2009

Being Green in the Hydraulic Hammer Business

One of the most important things that a business can be right now is environmentally-conscious. Any business should do what it can to limit the negative impact that it has on the earth. This is easier in some businesses than in others. Being green in the hydraulic hammer business (and the demolition business in general) isn’t as easy as being green in other types of businesses. After all, demolition is all about the disruption of the earth and the structures on it. Nevertheless, a forward-thinking demolition company will find ways to make sure that they are as green as possible. Maverick Hammers is an example of this type of forward-thinking company.

Here’s a brief overview of the ways in which Maverick Hammers strives to be a green business:

We offer the most modern equipment available. Today’s hydraulic hammers are considerably more eco-friendly than the hammers of the past. They produce less pollution than older hammers. They also create less noise pollution. By manufacturing the most modern equipment available, we make sure that we reduce the negative impact of that equipment as much as possible.

We use durable materials. One of the biggest contributors to waste in this industry is the amount of equipment that has to be replaced too quickly because it wasn’t built well in the first place. We use durable materials and quality construction to make sure that Maverick Hammers are hammers that last. We also offer repairs and service for our products. This means that you don’t throw out our hammers after a short time and get new ones and that in turn means that total waste is reduced.

We’re a U.S. based manufacturing company. Another way that the earth is damaged by the construction and demolition industry is through globe-wide shipping practices. Many companies have their parts and products manufactured in foreign countries which means that there is a lot of transportation waste between nations. By staying within the U.S. we are able to reduce the amount of shipping that takes place and thereby reduce the company’s use of gas and other transportation energy as compared to what we would use if we relied on foreign manufacturing.

We stay educated about the issues. Green issues are important and new information about these issues are arising all of the time. By making sure that we stay educated about these issues, we can do our best to regularly change our behavior to consistently get greener as a company. Our commitment to being flexible as needed helps us achieve this.

There are a variety of different green issues in the demolition industry. (A common one is the issue of how to recycle and dispose of waste that occurs during a demolition project.) Maverick Hammers is a company that does what it can to contribute solutions in terms of our part of the demolition process.


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