Monday, June 29, 2009

3 Reasons to Choose a Maverick Hammer

Maverick Hammers isn’t just interested in making sales. Our company is also interested in getting to know our customers. By finding out what motivates our customers to purchase products from us, we feel that we can better serve you. After all, if we know what we’re doing right then we can focus on doing it even better!

Another Maverick Hammer was recently purchased by Houghton Contracting from West Warwick, Rhode Island. The company cited three key reasons that they were motivated to add the Maverick Hammer to their fleet of products:

1. Maverick’s 24 Hour Parts Availability. A key reason that Houghton Contracting was interested in making a purchase from us is because they knew that they could place their order at any time of day or night. In addition to offering twenty four hour parts availability, we offer same day shipping. We keep our parts in stock which means that you’re going to get what you need shortly after you order it. We know that you don’t want your business to be without equipment for a long time so we understand why this is so important!

2. Maverick’s Technical Support. Our products are easy to use. Nevertheless, you may find yourself facing some technical difficulties. Customers have cited our excellent technical support as a reason that they want to purchase our hydraulic hammers. We’re committed to offering great tech support for those times when you do need help troubleshooting problems that arise.

3. Maverick’s Competitive Pricing. Let’s face it; you want to get a good deal on the products that you purchase. One of the reasons that people purchase hammers from us is because we offer competitive pricing. We know that so we have made it a goal to continue to offer fair prices on all of our products.

These are the three key reasons that Houghton Contracting was interested in making a purchase from us. These are services that we provide for all of our products. If you’re curious about what Houghton Contracting purchased, it was a Maverick Hammer model 4750 HSP. This is a terrific hydraulic hammer with awesome power; it offers 350-750 blows per minute and is in an energy class of 3500 ft. / lbs. So we’d venture to say that a fourth reason that the company wanted this product is because it’s a really solid product that can do the job they need to have done!

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